Stay Ahead

Fabia Combi


A small family estate with a huge luggage compartment


Make Yourself

The ŠKODA FABIA COMBI offers plenty of room for

passengers and their luggage. Come and take a look.

No Compromise On

Just because they’re compact doesn’t mean that ŠKODA

models compromise on safety. The FABIA COMBI’s

plethora of assists has been extended even further to

include new systems more familiar in higher-end cars.

Attractive Shapes &

Clarity and precision combined with sharp edges,

convex and concave surfaces and crystalline shapes

make the ŠKODA FABIA COMBI a car with character.

Additional safety features incorporated into the car’s

revision are LED tail lights and the built-in cat’s eyes

adorning the rear bumper.

Powerful Yet Thrifty

The FABIA COMBI offers exclusively modern petrol

engines, combining driving pleasure and environmental

values. The power units deliver between 55 and 81 kW.

All This And More

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