Hyundai IONIQ Electric

Never stop for fuel again and reduce your carbon footprint with the new IONIQ Electric. Providing a thrilling driving experience, the IONIQ Electric can drive up to 311km on a single charge. The powerful battery needs less than an hour to charge to 80%. The Hyundai IONIQ Electric features a sleek, aerodynamic silhouette and range of new design elements. The IONIQ also offers more than the standard touchscreen capabilities. The extra-large screen can be split to display navigation on one side whilst performing separate functions on the other side. The Hyundai IONIQ Electric provides a truly luxurious drive, boasting heated seats, a heated steering wheel and wireless phone charging. Visit our Hyundai dealership in Carrickmacross and take a spin in the Hyundai IONIQ Electric today.


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The Hyundai 5-Year unlimited mileage warranty and the Hyundai high voltage battery warranty of 8 years (or 160,000 km, whichever comes first) only apply to Hyundai vehicles that have been originally sold by an authorized Hyundai dealer to an end-customer, as set out in the terms and conditions of the warranty booklet. Local terms and conditions apply. Please contact your local Hyundai dealer for further information.

Fast Charging.
Long driving.

Never stop for petrol again. Producing zero tailpipe emissions while providing a thrilling driving experience, the new IONIQ Electric gives you an all-electric driving range of 311 km on a single charge.* And what’s more, its powerful new lithium-ion polymer battery needs less than an hour to charge to 80% state of charge when using a 100 kW direct current (DC) fast-charger station. Electric awaits. Next awaits.

*Range according to WLTP cycle. Driving range may vary slightly depending on road conditions, your driving style and the temperature.

10.25 inch touch screen.

Offering more than the standard suite of smartphone connectivity features, the touchscreen AVN’s capabilities have been expanded to allow the extra-large screen to be split to display the navigation map on one section while performing different duties on the other section.

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